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This programme is for those students who feel that their preparation for IIT-JEE / Medical was not up to the mark. We ensure that they put their sincere efforts and stay focused until they reach their target of qualifying for IIT-JEE / Medical.

In this programme, we emphasize on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of Science and Mathematics, and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process, which makes them capable of resolving complex and tricky problems by mere application of basic concepts. Further, we help our students to manage their time well and deliver optimum output. This enables the students to excel not only in JEE (Advanced) but also in JEE (Main), and as well as Medical Entrance Exams.


Start Date : July / August / September
Course Duration : 1 Year
Class Structure : 4 classes per week
    Each class of 4 hours duration
    3 subjects covered per class
Content : Regular classroom sessions
    Study material
    Weekly tests
    Parent-teacher meet
    Access to library


Helps students to clear their doubts, and enhances analytical skills required for competitive examinations
Trains students to manage their time efficiently
Gives students a feel of the actual examination with the help of various mock tests