Acting as not only tutors and knowledge providers, our faculty members who are highly qualified and competent in their respective subjects, constantly guide and motivate the students. With the tough competition prevailing, our teachers help the students to strike a balance between the educational and emotional challenges faced by the child throughout his journey of competitive exams preparation. A team of full-time faculty members is present round the clock to address the doubts and problems faced by the students. Each faculty member is a specialist in his/her subject, and is a real asset to the institute.

We provide students with specially designed study material for Engineering/Medical Entrance Examinations which not only contains the detailed theory of each topic, but also aims at developing problem solving approach by teaching techniques of application and implementation of the theory. The study material is sufficient and self-explanatory to cater to the needs of the students and their quest for knowledge. Our study material consists of Special Question Bank with original questions as well as previous years’ questions and their solutions.

  • True form of Integrated Programme which is completely tailor made as per the requirement of the students
  • Approachable, highly qualified faculty
  • Environment that is relaxed, yet acts as a source of motivation to students
  • Regular process monitoring and constant evaluation through regular tests
  • Adoption of interactive, innovative teaching methodology
  • Highly competitive peer group
  • One-to-one doubt solving sessions

Our concept of a library system is not just the conventional idea of providing books, but providing teachers as well. Teachers are present round-the-clock in our library for doubt-solving and individual teaching so that students don't feel helpless and puzzled as they can get their doubts and misconceptions clarified immediately. This opportunity allows teachers to closely monitor the progress of each student (individually as well as in groups).

Besides the books and professors, we have also started providing our students with 'Lecture-DVDs' by our best professors on different topics. These DVDs help students to understand the topics of their interest at their convenience. They also help them to cover topics which might have been missed earlier by the student or require revision. This makes our concept of Innovative Library System much more powerful and meaningful.

Future Edge will conduct topic-wise tests after the completion of each topic, making sure that every student is aware of how much he/she has learnt in that topic. If a child finds that he/she is weak in a particular topic then he/she can immediately take remedial doubt-solving sessions at our library with the best teachers.

All these tests at Future Edge are a special feature that takes place once in around two months by way of which a student gets to know his/her level of understanding of consolidated topics covered till that point of time. These tests are based on the revised pattern of Engineering / Medical Entrance Exams. After these tests, a student gets his test feedback through a detailed Performance Report & an All India Rank.

When a student starts studying at any educational institute, there are few major concerns and questions in the minds of most parents, such as ‘How their ward is performing?’, ‘How is he/she coping in class?’, etc. To address to all such queries of the parents, there is a parent teacher meeting held at regular intervals to update them regarding their ward’s performance.

The performance of every student is examined regularly. A separate report card is maintained for each student in order to record the child’s performance in competitive exams as well as School/Board exams. In addition to evaluating score and performance of the child in various tests conducted by Future Edge, the shortcomings and strengths of the child are also meticulously recorded and the student is counseled to perform accordingly. Regular tests are conducted and the result along with rank-wise position of all the students is displayed.

  • National, Centre Rank
  • Subject-wise Assessment
  • Topic-wise Assessment
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Percentile Score
  • Study & Improvement Tips

Future Edge believes in providing the best teachers and systems to its students. In fact, students are asked to give their feedback about overall educational systems, management and teachers on a month-to-month basis. Based on this feedback, Future Edge will provide the best to its students in order to enable the students to crack a top rank in competitive exams. We believe in consistently improving our systems to emerge as the trusted education brand. Hence, students/ parents may provide their valuable feedback to us on feedback@futuredge.in or visit our website www.futureedge.in.

Our methodology makes students capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by improving and sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process. We develop and share the right strategies from time to time to optimize student's output. Special Excel & Zenith batches are formed for the top students of our institute so that in addition to regular classes, special attention can be given to these top rankers to enable them to secure a top rank in Engineering/Medical Entrance Exams.

While preparing for competitive examinations, in addition to classroom lectures, there are times during or after self study, when a student feels the need for individual attention for revision or doubt solving of specific questions/problems in a particular topic or subject. For addressing to this specific need of the students and for solving all these problems, special doubt clearing sessions are made available at Future Edge where a dedicated set of faculty members of each subject is available round the year for clearing doubts of the students.